School Board Candidates 2018

The election of school board members is an important one in our community. Columbia Parents for Public Schools has long advocated that parents carefully consider six key criteria in evaluating school board candidates. These are whether the candidate is a strong advocate for public education, a community builder and leader, one who seeks excellence in education, one who brings needed skills and experience to the board, one who values diversity, and someone who has the ability to work effectively and collaboratively with other board members, the community, and the administration.

This year in lieu of another candidate forum, we scheduled a parent forum on teen mental health and asked candidates to send us a written summary of how each of the above criteria apply to them and how they envisioned their role on the board.  We also asked, “What do you consider to be key challenges facing CPS and how will you contribute to meeting that challenge?” and “What do you think CPS does particularly well, and how do we sustain that?”  We will post the responses as received.


4 thoughts on “School Board Candidates 2018

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