Saying Yes To Public Schools!

Back in October we had a rally in support of  our public schools.  That included a series of speeches made during the rally.  You can watch those, along with one Dr. Peter Stiepleman before the rally here.

Dr. Michael Schooley outlined many of the positive benefits of our public schools in his PowerPoint which we invite you to view here.

On our rally message boards, attendees recorded these thoughts:

My public education has helped me to….
• Learn to manage time
• I met my best friend there
• Inspired me to become a teacher and a coach
• Be awesome
• Become more open-minded
• To become a teacher
• See countless opportunities
• Understand who I am
• Be a creative leader
• Creative
• Become a successful teacher
• To be a better manager
• Have an amazing future
I love my public school because…
• It opened my eyes to different cultures
• It made me feel special and capable
• Because the teachers are great
• Playing field
• It feeds kids mind and body
• I have a blast
• RBE feels like home
• More minority core classroom teachers

Say thanks to a teacher!
• Thank you Mrs. Main for showing me the love of math
• Thanks Mrs. Coats for believing in me
• Thanks Mrs. Barksdale for always having my back
• Thank you to all my teachers
• Thanks for helping me be the best me
• Thanks Ms. McClintic for all your work inside and outside of schools

Tell us what you like about our public schools in the comment section below.


One thought on “Saying Yes To Public Schools!

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