Making A Bond With Our Schools

The bond issue that is on the ballot Tuesday is part of a 10 year plan for repairing, maintaining, and adding to our school facilities as enrollment continues to grow.  Funds from the bond issue will enable long overdue repairs and upgrades at Douglass High School and also the construction of a new elementary school.  That’s not all though.  The funds will also be used for improvements to 29 other buildings. The bond issue requires a low debt-service increase of  4-cents per $100 assessed value, which is about $15 per year for a home valued at $200,000.  Approval and issuance of these bonds will allow the district:

  • To reduce overcrowding in existing schools.
  • To build a new elementary school in east Columbia and to build additions at existing elementary schools that are overcrowded.
  • To make necessary repairs and improvements at Douglass High School.
  • To bring athletic facilities at Rock Bridge High School into code compliance.
  • To upgrade aging technology.
  • To repair roofs, foundations, asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • To upgrade fire-sprinkler systems.
  • To take advantage of comparatively low interest rates.
  • To ensure continued quality in our school system.
  • To avoid future cost increases.

Please do not leave the success of this measure to chance. Passage of the bond issue requires 57 percent approval. YOUR VOTE MATTERS!   Please vote on Tuesday.


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