Candidate Forum – Questions from The Audience

We had an engaged group of citizens and candidates at our forum on March 6.  Listed below are the questions the audience submitted to the candidates.  Watch the candidate responses on CPS TV.

We appreciate their participation!

Here are the questions:

What is your opinion on what drives the achievement gap?

What are your thoughts about having two organizations that represent teachers? CMSTA and CMNEA

What are your views on gifted education?

How often do you see yourselves being able to be in our school buildings?

What do you think is the greatest strength of CPS?

In what ways do you think CPS could be more innovative?

What is your opinion on having a community school?

What are your thoughts on using computer programs to teach students vs teacher/student interaction?

Should more financial and personal resources be spent on underachieving schools?

What are the 3 most important challenges facing CPS? How would you address these challenges?

What is the role of the board with respect to staff?

How can CPS assess and improve academic achievement of all students?

How do you feel about integrating honors students with on-level students?

How do you think CPS can best engage with citizens?

What do you see is the biggest issues for CPS this next year?

What can you offer that the other candidates cannot?

What issues (concerns) will you be bringing to the board to be discussed and shared.

What makes you feel like you are a qualified individual for being a part of decision making for CPS students, staff, and community?


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