Dialogue at CPPS – Join Us

This post looks both at what  we have we been up to in 2013 and our work in 2014.   Here are several exciting developments:

In May 2013, in lieu of our candidate forum (there we no candidates in April!) we held parent to parent dialogues on a range of topics, including the common core, and helping your child with school transitions.

Over the summer of 2013 we were asked to be one of several chapters working with the Kettering Foundation to create an new community dialogue guide on education. We held introductory dialogues in the summer and twice went to Ohio to meet with the Foundation and the other chapters.

As part of our research, we held a focus group dialogue on the question of “when you think of education in our community, what concerns you?” on January 31 at the Columbia Public Library. In August we also wrote a grant for parent engagement at Douglass High School which was funded.  We held an event for parents at Douglass High School, also on January 31 but earlier in the day.  The food service students cooked and served an excellent lunch.

Two of our board members also spent several months facilitating conversations with Rotary club mentors and Douglass staff on mentoring, internships and apprenticeships, and in order to strengthen the connection between school and jobs for Douglass students.

We are currently planning a candidate forum to be held on March 6, 2014 at the ARC.

If you are interested in getting involved to help us plan the above or serving as a facilitator (we will train you), let us know!  We can also use volunteers for several administrative tasks, including helping with our blog, website and social media. If you are interested in being more involved, e-mail us at columbiaparents4publicschools@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!  See our next post for how you can share your thoughts!


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