Missouri Core Academic Standards

It is important to focus on increasing student knowledge, success, and skills. The Common Core Standards, or educational standards, allow children to receive a quality education and become prepared for a higher education and beyond, through rigorous academic preparation.

The Common Core Standards, implemented by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, creates a focused and successful learning environment for students of all grade levels.The Common Core standards increase student learning, and prepare students for success in college and beyond through research on various college curriculum, testing based on the application of learned  information, and the restructuring of the standards for annual improvement. The Core standards-for language arts and mathematics-were formed with the help of various educators and professionals. The Common Core State Standards Initiative varies by state, and each state decides whether or not to use the standards for their schools.

To check out your state’s Core standards, please click here. For questions about the Core Standards, please click here.

-CPPS, Jada Winchester