Communities Can Work to End Bullying in Schools!

Bullying remains a common problem among students in schools. Educators across the country are working to prevent bullying and increase public awareness of how harmful bullying can be. It is important for bullied children to have a voice and for others to raise awareness of the seriousness of the child-on-child abuse. Attached, is a five-step process from giving advice on how people can create an event focused on ending bullying and give victims of abuse a voice:

Step 1: Create a group of leaders willing to dedicate their time to end bullying! (These persons will work with you to raise awareness of the issue. It is important to plan well and assign specific tasks to different individuals and find great speakers for the event!)

 Step 2: Create a date for the bullying prevention event. (It will be great for other persons in your community to be aware of your event so they can attend!)

Step 3: Create a list of activities. (Be mindful of your audience and be sure to plan activities that everyone can participate in. For specific examples, please click here.

Step 4: Let others know about your event! (Create flyers and post them on social networking sites, around your community, and even in schools!)

Step 5: Host your bullying prevention event! (Celebrate by setting up your event and encouraging people to get involved!)


-CPPS Intern, Jada Winchester