Bullying: Everyone Can Help End the Violence!

Each year, thousands of students across the country experience the continuous cycle of abuse. You notice the same depressed look on his or her face everyday. They are quiet, withdrawn, detached, emotionless.

Whether it is physical or verbal, there are warnings of the mistreatment. Often, physical and verbal abuse happens to children in the home or with close family members. The mistreatment often causes children to develop low self-esteem, believing they are not good enough to be loved and wanting to reciprocate those same feelings of pain and self-hatred in someone else. Once this happens, children are not only creating similar feelings in someone else, but also continuing a cycle of abuse and mistreatment due to unstated and untreated emotions.

If you notice someone mistreating another student, stand up for the child being attacked, and help the bully realize what he or she is doing wrong. If you are a bully, you can stop. Understand there are more positive ways to express your emotions, such as through therapy or sports, for example.

I urge everyone to take a stand! Take a stand against abuse and help children before they become subject to abusing or bullying someone else! Also, check out www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org/ , a website that helps kids stand against bullying and http://dmh.mo.gov/docs/mentalillness/womenanger.pdf , a PDF discussing how women can deal with anger!

Everyone can take a stand against abuse andend the bullying cycle! I urge you all to take a stand!

-Jada Winchester, CPPS Intern