Important Tips for Students Interested in an Online Education!

It helps to consider a few important factors before pursuing an online education: first, have you completed high school? If not, completing your high school degree and receiving your diploma will be the way to go! Second, or have regular access to a computer.  Another important factor to consider would be the financial costs of online education.  It is important to have a basic understanding of how much debt you may accumulate over time or how much out-of-pocket expenses you may have. Location is also a key factor when deciding which route to choose. Are your instructors near you or in another state? Will meeting with your professor for one-on-one questioning, networking, or even forming study groups be possible? These important experiences will be extremely difficult to set up if you apply to a distant university! Lastly, it is important to pursue an education at an accredited university. Unsure if the college you plan to enroll in is accredited? has a complete list of accredited universities across the United States, which can help you make the big decision!

-Jada Winchester, CPPS Intern