How to Succeed in School, Virtually!

If you plan to pursue the virtual school experience, there are three important things to keep in mind: time management, involvement, and your personal goals. Time management is one of the key problems students including myself, struggle with in college. Being prepared-and forewarned ahead of time-may cause you to avoid this common mistake! I have learned to discipline myself by creating fixed study schedules, study group meetings, getting tutoring early on for the classes I struggle in, and always penciling in sleep, exercise, and healthy eating! Being involved with organizations is important as well. In order to compete in future job markets with students who attend school in a traditional setting, it is important to involve yourself with organized activities and clubs that either pertain to your major, interests, or both. As a psychology major, I actively participate in research labs, psychology clubs, and other activities relating to my interests so I can build my resume and gain a experience while in college! Similar experiences such as these, are also important for high school students receiving their education online. Being aware of your own personal goals while progressing through your education is vital as well.  Make a list of obtainable goals you would like to have reached near the completion of your online degree! You will be happy to look back later and see your success!

-Jada Winchester, CPPS Intern