Hello From Our New Intern!

I am a sophomore at the University of Missouri. Since my junior year of high school, I have decided to dedicate my life to the incredible world of psychology. I have a particularly strong interest in Clinical Psychology, loosely psychotic and personality disorders as well as neuroscience. Over the past year I have immersed myself in research labs studying and analyzing data on human development, cognition, and Borderline Personality Disorder, just to name a few. I have joined various organizations, including the Emerging Leaders Program, Psychology Club, and Invisible Children. Each respective organization taught me one important lesson: to remain an honest, courageous, and empathetic leader in society.

What brought me to Columbia Parents for Public Schools, you ask? I have always had a strong passion for research and leadership and was inspired by the chance that I could grow in an area that was not completely foreign to me, but not yet fully developed. I look forward to partaking in the wonderful work of the Parents for Public Schools program, and learning from the wonderful, diverse, and influential leaders of the community. It is my pleasure, and I know this will be a wonderful semester involving a tremendous amount of growth, leadership, and learning!


Jada Winchester,  Intern, Columbia Parents for Public Schools

– Note: Jada joins us this semester from the Office of Service Learning at MU and we are glad she has!  She will be regularly posting of the blog so check back to learn of new resources and other tips for parents.