No Bullying On The Bus!

Last week we talked to one parent of a kindergarten student who was teased so much by older boys on her first bus ride (“you’re too little, you’re going to get lost, you’ll never find your way home”, etc.) that she didn’t want to get back on. That reminded me of several times when my child’s bus ride was less than pleasant!  So here are some things every parent  should know:  In the Columbia Public Schools, bus riding is a privilege, and teasing, bullying, and other forms of harassment are not allowed.  The concept that bus riding is a privilege, and the rules for riding the bus are covered in school assemblies.  Students who bully and tease others can receive tickets for poor conduct and bus riding  privileges can even be suspended. If your child is having trouble on the bus, let both the classroom teacher and the principal know.  Sometimes they can find a friendly older child to sit with yours.  And if you have older kids, talk about the importance of speaking up, or choosing not to participate if another group is trying to impress each other with “teasing” other kids.

If you are concerned about bullying, you can find resources to help you talk with your child here. You can also find find resources for teens here.