Mid-Summer Boredom – Things to Do To With Younger Kids

Our last post looked at some  things you might do to keep your teens busy as the summer unfolds.  Here are some tips for younger kids:

  1. Take a splash park tour – Stephen’s Lake, Flat Branch, Douglas, and Pirate’s Landing.  Or take a tour of our park district pools.  You can find out locations for both pools and splash parks here.
  2. Lie on your back, look up at the clouds and discuss “the pictures” they form.
  3. Walk around Forum Nature Area and look for fish, insects, birds, turtles and other creatures.  Find the peninsula with the frog call sign; listen and see how many frogs your kids can identify.  Frogs are more vocal in the late afternoon than mid-day.
  4. Go the library and check out a book.
  5. Sign up for an activity with Parks and Rec.  Some are free and financial assistance is available for others.  Also check on activities and schedules at the Columbia Art League.
  6. Keep an illustrated journal of bugs seen, or birds, or plants, or places.
  7. Teach and play old fashioned games like Hop Scotch, Red Rover, Red Light Green Light, etc.
  8. Draw together with chalk or even water on the sidewalk.
  9. Tour area playgrounds – most schools and neighborhood parks have one.
  10. Set up an outdoor “cooking station”.  A pot, some water, some large spoons and lots of grass, leaves and other ingredients can keep some kids occupied for a surprisingly long time.

Have a tip you want to share with others?  E-mail us at columbiaparents4publicschools@gmail.com or post on our Facebook page!


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