Beat Mid-Summer Boredom – Teens

It’s the middle of the summer, the kids are bored, and you would like to do something to keep them engaged and learning.  Here are some tips from other parents.  Tips for teens are in this post, tips for younger kids will be in our next post.  If you have one you want to share, e-mail us at, or post pictures of your activities on our Facebook  page.

For teens:

  1. Attend one of the free concerts in town.  Look at this schedule for Summerfest concerts, listen to the music at one of the Farmer’s Markets, or check for upcoming events at the Tribune’s event calendar.
  2. Explore Columbia’s cemetery and look up the lives of some of those buried on-line.
  3. Visit the Art and Archaeology Museum and the State Historical Society Gallery.
  4. Download the “arboretum tour” guide of the MU campus and walk the tour.
  5. Take a walking tour of the public art downtown (mural on Walnut, mosaic benches and sculpture by the banks, courthouse square, painted switch boxes, “Sky Algorithm” on new garage).  Discuss your favorites. Ask your kids to find a space and come up with a design.
  6. Visit the Blind Boone Home, and also walk through the new City Hall, and the municipal court building.  The City Hall currently is hosting an exhibit on the James T. Scott memorial and lynching.
  7. Research things to do at the Columbia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Plan a tour for your next visitor.
  8. Schedule a read-a-thon and share reviews of books read.
  9. Plan and hold a block party (teens should do planning with adult supervision).
  10. Volunteer.  There are many options which you can research  here.
  11. Cook together!  Then eat.
  12. Swim at Stevens Lake or the many pools around town.  Have your kids discuss the pros and cons of different locations and return to the one(s) they like best.



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