Citizens Asked Their Questions!

We had a well-attended forum last night for the school board candidates and an energized audience.  Following is a list of the questions submitted by the public.  When a question was submitted more than once, the number of cards with that question follows the question. Candidates and the public are invited to add comments.  This is a moderated blog however and only civil comments will be posted!

Achievement gap:

How should the board approach the superintendent re schools not making AYP?

What are your strategies for bridging the achievement gap?


What is your assessment of CPS current math and science curriculum at secondary schools?

What are you plans for the math and sciences curriculum?

How do you feel about career technical classes (Financial planning, human development, cooking?)

What are your views on the role of adult education and literacy programs?

What do you see as the school board’s role in curriculum?

Who should design the curriculum?(4)

Who should decide which materials should be used to teach the curriculum?

What developments do you see for the AP and honors programs?

In your opinion, what do you believe is the most important component in children’s education development? what strides could be taken to support or strengthen that?

Teacher pay:

How do you plan to fund the two frozen years?

Should Columbia public schools still tenure teachers or should we switch to a performance based pay scale?

Do you believe teachers’ salaries should be based on student achievement? Why or why not?

Do you think teachers deserve raises or operation of the salary schedule even though there is an achievement gap?

What is your view on funding teacher’ salaries that have reached the end of the pay step? Do you feel that they should be compensated? Otherwise these teachers will not have pay increases. How do you feel?

Do you believe that a school district should have exclusive representation by one teacher/staff organization? Why or why not?

National issues:

How could the NCLB initiatives be improved (using Columbia’s experiences in particular)?


Please explain what you believe is the value of public education.

How many schools have you visited?

What do you consider the toughest issue facing CPS today and in the years to come?

Due to budget cuts and possible programs being taken out of the schools, what would you begin with?

What is your position on the proposal to create “small autonomous schools” from Lee, Benton, and Ridgeway?

Do you feel that the CPS system is culturally/racially segregated and if so, how do you propose we change this? Do you think we should change the district lines?

If elected, what are your top 3 priorities for CPS and what is time frame you foresee for each of these priorities?

How do you feel your current profession has prepared you to fulfill your duties as a school board member?

Christian value systems are under attack as demographics change to the detriment of society. How would you change this?

Why do you want to be on the school board and what do you wish to accomplish?

What experience or training do you have that will be an asset in listening to different opinions and reaching a resolution?



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