How You Can Use Superheroes to Teach Your Child

Superheroes and their stories help kids learn in lots of ways! By thinking and talking about superheroes, kids are learning to:

Ø      Envision possible lives,

Ø      Feel empathy for others,

Ø      Make sense of media and cultural constraints,

Ø      Use conceptual thinking skills,

Ø      Explore the outcomes of different behaviors and attitudes, and

Ø      Think about community, citizenship and values.

Here are questions you can ask to help your child think about superheroes:

  • Why do we have superheroes?
  • What do superheroes do?
  • Who are some superheroes?
  • Who is your favorite? Why?
  • What sorts of powers do superheroes have? How do they get them? How do they use them?  What obstacles does a superhero overcome?
  • How can you be like your superhero?

Help superheroes come alive for your child – dress as a superhero and join us at Hickman High School on October 20, 2010!


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