Honors and Challenges

For the sixth year in a row, the Columbia Public Schools have received the honor of the Distinction In Performance Award from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, as reported in the Spring 2010 CPS Quarterly Report.  The Distinction in Performance Award is given to districts that meet at least 13 of 14 performance criteria, which provide the basis for the state’s accreditation program.  This honor is of particular importance because it shows that our schools, students, and teachers have continued to succeed despite the following key challenges:

  • The district has grown to more than 17, 400 students
  • The number of students receiving free and reduced-priced lunch has increased by 15% in two years, now totaling more than 6, 100 students
  • More than 2, 300 special education students are served by the district
  • More than 600 Limited English Proficiency students are served, an increase of 25% in two years
  • Over 50 languages are spoken by children in CPS

As we embrace the diversity present in our schools and continue to work together, our schools will continue to succeed!


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