Parent Questions

Many good questions were generated at the School Board Candidate Forum hosted by CPPS in partnership with several other organizations on March 23, 2010.  They are listed below for consideration, food for thought, and as a resource for future elections:

– What is/should be the role of arts in education?

(for more information on Art Education, see the “Arts Blog”)

– How will you benefit the community in your actions of being the candidate that will truly do what he says he will do?

– What are your thoughts about Merit pay?  How do you envision this implementation?

– What should schools do to engage and empower parents?

– Should teacher performance and a student’s performance on a test be evaluated the same and tied to a teachers pay?

– What ways as a school board member can you help to increase parent involvement in our schools?

– If President Obama desires to address children in our federally funded public schools would you support or oppose?

– How do you feel about teachers being allowed to vote for exclusive representation to be represented at the bargaining table?

– What can we do to reduce class sizes in elementary schools?

– With the Race to the Top at the forefront of the national government, what are your opinions on this?

– How will you work to improve the foods our children are served in schools?

– What are your plans for meeting the occupancy demands of the schools?  Maintenance also?

– Many people say what we want to hear but when elected things change.  How about you?

– What role do you think the school board should play with curriculum?

– Do you bring any specific agenda with you to the Board of Education?

– What do you consider the greatest strength of CPS and the greatest challenge for CPS?

– How do you plan to address the financial strain on the district in the coming years?


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